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Doughnut Web Design

Doughnut Web Design is a website design, web development and digital marketing company located in Madison, WI. We offer:

  • Web design
  • Wordpress website development
  • E-commerce website development
  • Digital marketing
  • HTML, CSS, JS, React, Golang, and PostgreSQL web development
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Doughnut services cover the entire web design, development, and marketing process. You'll get personal service from a local, owner-operated, web design and development company with experience in all phases of website creation, deployment, maintenance, and digital marketing.


Wordpress website development

Wordpress powers a majority of small and medium business websites. For many business owners, Wordpress offers a fast and affordable way to set up a website. As a content management system, or CMS, Wordpress also allows business owners to edit the contents of their website without the help of developers. Doughnut can help set up your Wordpress site, add common plugins for features like contact forms, and even extend your Wordpress site with custom styled themes and templates or custom data types and features. Once your site is live, we can help with search engine optimization, digital marketing, and email marketing to bring traffic and new customers to your business.

Custom web development

When a Wordpress solution isn't enough, Doughnut offers truly custom, modern web development. We can build your custom web application with Golang, React, PosgreSQL, and other modern technologies to deliver maximum performance, interactivity, and customizability at a surprisingly affordable price. As always, Doughnut can help with many phases and disciplines of custom web development, including UI design, front-end development, full-stack web development, and deployment.


Digital marketing

Ranking near the top of search results is a critical step in driving traffic to your website since many of your visitors and customers will find you via search. Furthermore, developing a database of prospective customers will allow you to run marketing campaigns without payment to, or approval from, a 3rd party social media, search, or publishing platform. Doughnut can help you improve your website search ranking through content strategy and proper website architecture and set up user accounts and mailing lists you can use to keep in contact with your prospective customers.

Graphic design and UIUX

Doughnut can help pick colors, fonts, and icons that make your website and brand stand out. We can even customize vector illustrations, photos, logos, and icons just for you. For custom apps and features, Doughnut also offers user experience (UX) consultation, information architecture, and user interface (UI) design.

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